Home Staging Services Offered

Consultation - Firstly, we will come and view your property, take some pictures and measurements and offer advice on how to maximise your homes full potential. We can then either have a verbal discussion or for a fee, can go away and prepare a detailed written report which summarises our ideas and recommendations with a quote attached.

Partial Staging - If you are living in the home we can partially stage it, trying to use as much of your own furniture as we can and then add our own special touches and items to transform it.

Full Staging - If the home is vacant we can fully stage all of the rooms or a select few, depending on your budget.

Other Services Offered

We all collect a lot of personal objects over the course of our lives but in order for a home to look spacious and inviting we some times need to de-clutter. We can help you decide what to store, what to give to charity and what to throw away. It is also best to pack away any photographs and personal collections as potential buyers like to visualise themselves in the home. A potential buyer generally forms an opinion about your home in the first 30 seconds so it therefore, has to make a great impression first time.

Shopping Service
If you would prefer to stage your home with items you cankeep, we offer a shopping service. We can help you select furniture, accessories, art and anything else you desire to suit your budget. We will ensure it enhances the home you are selling but also compliment your future new property.

New Home Selection Service
Some times clients find the selection process very daunting and scary when building a new home. There are so many colour, tile, flooring, brick and fixture choices that it can overwhelm you. We can go with you to meet with your building company and help you make the right choices so your home does not look outdated in years to come, while still ensuring your new home's exactly what you desire.

Help with Organisation within your Home
When potential clients enter your home for open inspections they often have sneaky looks in your fixed cupboards, drawers and wardrobes so we can come in and tidy and organise those areas for you. This ensures that everything looks clean and organised. Mess and clutter puts people off.

Staging to "Live in" your NEW Home Service
Once the boxes have been opened and the furniture has been delivered to your new home, we can give you a hand creating that display home look, using your own furniture and accessories.
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